If you came here to be a great player, that is your first road to success!

The home of great basketball camps, clinics and the resources you need. The skill development you need to be a great basketball player is available with our programming. From highly reputable coaches and skilled advisors.

The philosophy at HOOP HQ is this… When it comes to becoming a great all-around basketball player, coach or successful parent of a student-athlete; hard work, dedication, proper fundamentals & techniques are the key components. It is our commitment to help those who are hungry, dedicated and passionate to be the best and achieve their ultimate goal.


Jeff House the president of HoopHeadQuarters would like to welcome you.

Mighty Mite Program 

One of our most popular programs! K—5th Grade programs to help increase interest as well as skills with the youngest hoopsters.
Designed with coaches for coaches. We will customize to your needs at your location.