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“Look no further that Coach Jeff House when it comes to learning to play or coach the game of basketball. I was fortunate enough to work under Coach House when I served as a Strength and Conditioning Assistant with the New York Liberty in 2002. Besides being the assistant coach he also had the extremely difficult responsibility of producing the team’s game tapes. Watching and working with Coach House taught me that creating a winning environment in basketball takes a great deal of knowledge, being overly prepared, extremely organized and having a big commitment to be involved with the day to day development of your players. Coach House’s practice ran like clock work as each practice was detailed in a training log that he strapped to his shorts. The players left each and every practice with a complete understanding of what was necessary to win and a video of their next opponent that Coach House would put together. Before and after games and practices I’d always see Coach House working individually with players to make sure they’d learn those fine little points that could help them get that edge. Coach House would say it’s all about that edge and being involved. Leave nothing to chance. He would also consult with me to make sure everything was okay on the strength and conditioning end and make sure that I’d give the players their workouts when they were on the road. All I can say is that if you’d like to learn from a true professional what it takes to get your players ready to play, then you’ve come to right place. That year the New York Liberty went to WNBA Finals and Coach House was a big reason why.”

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